Welcome to Dragon Warriors!

Official Dragon Warriors Whitepaper-Version 1.0 (Last updated August 2021)

Dear our valued Players/Investors!

Welcome to the fantasy world of Dragon Warriors, one of the most famous NFT Trading Card Game, where you can enjoy a novelistic gaming experience and get paid for each minute spent playing!

We has tons of experience creating world-class games with stunning visual and addictive gameplay. Over years, we've been thinking about how to make players become parts of our game, the success of game is also player's success, so we want offer a new perspective on the player/game relation. Your time is gold and we looks forward to rewarding you just for participating in the game.

Now, we can achieve that goal by blockchain technology and, in particular, NFT technology. The entire economy of the game is defined between players. That means all of the elements that are parts of the game's market, such as items and values, are tradable. By NTF, we can now bring those items real-life value from which our users can benefit. Therefore, if you acquire an item today, you can exchange it or transfer it tomorrow.

Our main goal is is to build a top of Blockchain ecosystem in the blockchain space that delivers sustainable value to our users and investors. But our ambition is using one token for all our company's games in the near future.

Kindly read through our white paper and discover fantastic earning opportunities from Dragon Warriors!

And finally, thank you for being a part of the Dragon Warriors community!

Dragon Warriors team,

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