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Market size

According to Forbes, in the first three months of this year, the NFT market capitalization escalated by around 1785% to $432 million. The total trading volume of top NFT platforms multiplied 25 times from $30,1M in December 2020 to $226M in March 2021. More than $2 billion was spent on NFT collectibles in total.

According to's prediction, the market capitalization of the NFT sector can reach $710 million by the end of 2021.

NFTs will be a trillion-dollar market someday. That means USD 999.9 billion in future opportunity. We’re just .01% of the way in

NFT Infrastructures

Blockchain Game Categories

The Future of NFTs

It is clear that blockchain technology has great potential in the gaming industry.

NFTs can be a gateway means to bring millions of new users to the world of crypto and blockchain technology. Players in gaming economies can become potential new blockchain users as collectible in-game items are turned into NFTs.

While the market size of NFTs is still quite small as the secondary trading volume is at 2–3 million USD, the technology used in NFTs is expected to bring about new changes to not only the collectibles industry, but also the blockchain world in upcoming years. Until then, NFTs will undergo many drastic improvements in infrastructure and user interface in order to penetrate better into mainstream markets for curious new users of blockchain.

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