Dragon Warrior is a game of Unicorn Game Studios, a game studio established in early 2020 with members who has various years of experience in game development and cryptocurrency.

This is our core team:

Founder - Christian Ho

More than 10 years experiences in Game, Mobile development, being tech leader and PM of many Canadian, Korean and Japanese companies.

Co-Founder - Lee Chun

Besides having a Master of Computer Sciene degree, Mr. Lee has over 15 years in Software Development, include 10 years of experience in the game industry, and mobile development. He is also the PM of many Korean and Japanese companies. He will take charge of game logic and blockchain roles. Thanks to his insight into decentralization protocol, system scalability and security, and NFT solutions.

CEO - Andy Nguyen

CEO of Unicorn Studio - Having more than 8 years of developing games for the Korean market for big companies like KakaoTalk, OllehStore, OzStore, TStore, and Facebook Instant Game. Many years of experience in making mobile applications, windows os, mac os, and websites and graduated with a master's degree in data science. I am just starting to research and develop blockchain but feel that this is a very early market and there are many opportunities ahead so I decided to devote all my heart to the blockchain. The combination of my many years of game-making experience and my experience in researching and implementing a few blockchain projects will definitely help in the completion of this project. I also hope that in the process of working on the project, I will be able to create valuable research papers for the blockchain academic community.

CTO - Steven Nguyen

One of the youngest CTO in the country, with high talent in software development and much experience in game development. He has brought our team many technical solutions with excellent skills in the production pipeline.

Art Director - Ning DM

Mr. Ning has many working experiences in art communication and game design. He has been honing his skills in 3D, concept, UI/UX for the past several years. His evolution into fullstack artist allowed him to introduce other elements to this union and extend the range of his talent even further. He makes our game visual become incredible. We are proud to work with him.

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